Accountants Planking at Work?

If you’ve been paying attention, you’re familiar with Planking, which is a “game” that involves people laying face down in normal to not-so-normal places… is asking accountants to send in their pictures planking at work, especially at Big 4/Big Regional firms like on copiers, partners’ desks, etc. Of course, there is a point system for “what gets measured gets done” Peter Drucker followers:

• Planking on a manager’s desk – 100 points.

• Planking on a partner’s desk – 500 points.

• Planking on the office managing partner’s desk – 1,000 points.

• Planking on the client’s conference table – 1,000 points

• Planking in the lobby with your firm’s sign in view – 1,000 points

• Photo of the office managing partner planking on his/her desk – 5,000 points.

• Planking on a partner’s [insert luxury car here] – 5,000 points.


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